Free time activities

What we did in our free time in Zagreb

Tour in Zagreb

Our experience 

We had a guided tour of the streets of Zagreb, discovering the city,  its charms, its mysteries and its history. For us it was a privilege to know Zagreb and discover its history, because it is always interesting to discover how people lived in the past, especially in other countries.

Game of finding sights in Zagreb

Our experience

This activity definitely put our feet and legs on fire, and some selected places were very difficult to find, but it is always good to navigate the inspiring streets of a city and be stuck in its beauty.

Escape room

Our experience 

Escape from these rooms is never easy, but whoever came near the end of the challenge, we think that we do not do anything wrong. It was a very well spent afternoon and we will definitely repeat. It was great.
Novak & Kovač, Ulica kralja Zvonimira 7, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, +385 1 8609 455
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